Wide set of options at Catholic Cemeteries


There are many advantages to pre-arranging burial needs. The choices made are your own decisions. There will be no need for your family to wonder what you may have wanted.

The Catholic Cemeteries offer the finest selections of burial options, with package plans to fit your budget. There are many choices within our wide range of interment and entombment preferences, such as flat marker graves either in a monument or shrine section or monument lots where a raised family memorial may be placed.

If you prefer above-ground burial we offer garden crypt facilities and indoor mausoleums. For cremated remains we have niches in our indoor mausoleums as well as in our outdoor garden crypt complexes. We also offer smaller-sized graves for the cremated remains of the body.

Most importantly your purchase may be made with a low down payment and interest-free monthly installments, and the prices at the time of purchase are locked in, regardless of future increases. All financing arrangements are handled directly with the cemetery office. An appointment may be made at any of our cemetery locations during regular business hours.

To make your selection even easier, you can meet with one of our experienced cemetery consultants in the comfort of your own home, day or evening, seven days a week and the visit is free.

For more information or to receive a packet of information call (708) 449-6100 or visit us at www.CatholicCemeteriesChicago.org or stop by a Catholic Cemetery location.

Provided by Catholic Cemeteries - Archdiocese of Chicago