Joliet Montessori offers special ‘morning’


You and your child are invited to join us for a morning of fun and exploration on Saturday, March 9, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Our highly experienced, credentialed faculty will present Montessori lessons and familiarize your child with the Montessori classroom. Meanwhile, you will enjoy a visit with our Head of School, Ms. Carol Andrew, to learn more about what Montessori is and how a Montessori educational experience will benefit your child and your family.

There is no other human being like your child, who was born with specific abilities, talents and interests, so why should their education be “one-size-fits-all?” A Montessori education facilitates the development of your child into a happy, independent and responsible young adult who continues to pursue knowledge beyond the classroom. Montessori frees your child to learn at his or her own pace, imparting valuable life skills such as motivation and self-discipline, decision making and problem solving, and developing critical thinking skills.

In addition to presenting academic studies, a Montessori education facilitates key social skills such as communication, compassion, conflict resolution and the ability to adapt to a changing world. Today’s Montessori students are tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.

Joliet Montessori School inspires students to engage academically and socially everyday, developing independence, a love of work and a respect for all. Please RSVP to our Advancement Office at (815) 741-4180, Ext. 14, by Thursday March 7, to reserve your place.

—Provided by Joliet Montessori School