H&N Furriers offers warm service, top brands


As the cold winds blow and the temperature drops, many are turning to fur or leather coats from H&N Furriers, 2417 W. Jefferson St., Joliet.

H&N has long been considered the place for the latest fashions in fur and leather, for both men and women. The full-service furrier, located inside Newstar Jewelers, offers a complete line of furs and leather, as well as repair work, cleaning, storage, alterations and remodeling.

Have a fur that is still in good condition, but the style has become outdated? Let the experts at H&N remake your beloved fur into today’s classic style. Repairs and storage are done in house.

H&N carries outerwear for men and women in a wide variety of styles. Mink continues to be the most popular fur, but the store also carries a lovely selection of beaver, muskrat, sable, Asian squirrel, fox and leather. Other items are available by special order.

“We only carry furs from ranch-raised animals, or from government-controlled trapping,” said owner Ellen Haake. “For that reason, we do not carry exotic furs.”

Sheared beaver and mink have been popular in the last few years. These furs take a dye well and can be found in some stunning colors.

“We’re finding young women turning to fur coats, especially full-length mink, to keep them warm as they commute to downtown Chicago and elsewhere for their jobs,” Haake says. “Furs have become a real fashion statement that is utilitarian as well.”

Women’s styles include jackets, strollers and full-length coats. Many women’s accessories are also featured, such as hats, gloves, earmuffs and headbands.

Men’s styles include the ever-popular classic bomber, which can be reversible with mink on one side and Nappa leather on the other.

H&N also will custom design and make coats for the discriminating buyer who prefers a more unique style. Some designer furs are also offered at the store.

“We realize the economy is hard, and to do our part to help out, we are offering 50 percent off all our in-stock inventory,” Haake says. “This may be the best time for you to purchase the fur you’ve been dreaming about.”

For more information, call (815) 729-4600, or stop by the store, which is located inside Newstar Jewelers.

—Provided by H&N Furriers