Hinsdale doctor uses innovative treatments for foot problems


Hinsdale Foot and Ankle uses new, cutting-edge technology to provide relief for patients who suffer from “insane pain” and persistent fungal infections.

Kevin Salvino, a 25-year, board-certified foot and ankle specialist in Hinsdale, specializes in treating all conditions of the foot and ankle.

What are the latest treatments for heel pain and fungal infections?

Two of the latest innovations for treating conditions of the foot — Shockwave Therapy and Q-Clear laser — provide painless relief at the center of Dr. Salvino’s thriving practice.

How do these treatments work?

Shockwave Therapy is used to treat patients who suffer from chronic, sometimes crippling or “insane pain,” as it is often called, in the heels of their feet.

Shockwave technology delivers shockwave energy to the affected tissue from the skin’s surface. Self-healing processes occur where the pain is located. The long-term relief that follows the immediate relief from this non-invasive and painless procedure is changing the quality of life for those who have lived with heel pain for years.

Q-Clear laser, another pain free procedure Dr. Salvino performs, delivers light energy to the affected area that kills the fungus without killing the tissue. This treatment provides relief for patients who suffer from the symptoms of fungal infections such as, discoloration, cracking and pain. Oftentimes the symptoms have been untreatable through other methods such as medication due to harmful side effects.

Where are these procedures performed?

Dr. Salvino performs both procedures on-site.

Dr. Salvino is affiliated with three hospitals — Hinsdale Hospital, Lagrange Memorial, Good Samaritan and Loyola Surgical Center.

Please check with your insurance carrier to find out if these procedures are covered by insurance.

Provided by Hinsdale Foot and Ankle