Christ Church expands its reach with smartphone app


Christ Church takes innovations in digital technology to another level as they reach people beyond the walls of the church with “worship-on-the-go.”

Christ Church continues to lead the way, using new technology for ministry purposes in much the same way Johannes Gutenberg did with his invention of the movable type over six centuries ago.

Suddenly, “there’s an app for that” takes on a whole new meaning as Christ Church once again becomes an early adapter, using the latest innovations in technology to connect with people wherever they can.

There is now a smartphone application to address all of the questions people pose regularly. Questions such as, “How do I care for friends and family when they are in crisis?” are answered in thoughtful and practical ways. The app helps put the Bible into use for everyday life.

Located in Oak Brook, Christ Church provides the free smartphone app that also allows users to watch a sermon, listen to a Bible study, or connect with the church on Facebook — whether they are away on vacation, riding on the train, or recovering from an illness at home.

Christ Church reaches more than 50,000 people each week as one of the first churches in Chicago-area to put its messages on radio and television. With the addition of the Smartphone app and live-streaming worship services and special events, Christ Church has advanced its ability to create a connection that continues to serve the needs of their community.

For more information, visit the website at To download the free smartphone application, search for Christ Church of Oak Brook.

Provided by Christ
Church of Oak Brook