Surgeon uses new technology to offer painless vascular treatment

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Dr. David Loiterman


A Hinsdale vascular surgeon is using advances in technology to render invasive, painful and costly varicose vein surgery a thing of the past.

David Loiterman, M.D., F.A.C.S., of Hinsdale has witnessed progressive advances in laser technology over the last 25 years that he has specialized in vascular surgery.

Innovative leaps in laser technology now allow Loiterman to treat patients with circulation conditions such as, varicose and spider veins using methods that are noninvasive, painless and cost-effective.

Patients no longer have to endure the pain and discomfort associated with this condition because they don’t want to bear the worse pain formerly associated with the treatment.

Loiterman has successfully treated almost 8,000 patients using this new laser procedure. The technological developments he uses have even erased the need for anesthesia for an overwhelming majority of patients. This means 99 out of 100 patients can be treated in a comfortable, outpatient setting which translates into enhanced safety and considerable cost savings to resolve a painful condition that was previously much more complicated, painful — barbaric is the term some used to describe it — and costly.

After the procedure, the pain and shame associated with having varicose and spider veins is gone and patients — especially women — no longer have to hide their legs under their clothing.

Unsightly legs are a thing of the past and an added benefit of the procedure is that it is much safer to perform than it had been prior to this new technology. Patients are able to get the treatment done on their lunch hour, if they wish, and return to work right afterwards. They can resume a better quality of life much sooner than they did before.

Better looking and healthier legs becomes the new normal and the best thing about it is that a radical change can happen without breaking the bank or taking time off from work.

Loiterman does all of his vein treatments himself. He wouldn’t have it any other way, which is another reason why he has an exemplary success rate as well as an excellent record of safety. He is the consummate professional and his depth of knowledge and experience using all of the different treatment techniques has earned him a reputation that is second to none. There is no substitute for his kind of experience and track record.

Loiterman has an impressive set of credentials that can put anyone at ease that might be contemplating vein treatment — cosmetic or otherwise. He graduated from New York University School of Medicine in 1979 and completed a surgical residency in 1984 at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City before coming to Chicago. After his arrival in Chicago, Loiterman completed a fellowship at Rush University and has been practicing in the Western suburbs since 1985.

Loiterman is a board-certified vascular surgeon and is affiliated with both Hinsdale and La Grange hospitals. Hinsdale Magazine recently recognized Dr. Loiterman as a top doctor specializing in circulation disorders.

Dr. Loiterman’s office is located at 7 N. Grant St. in Hinsdale. Find more information at or call (708) 354-8881 for more information.

Provided by Dr. Loiterman