Illinois’ Evergreen Bank group reboots how we bank


A bank is a bank is a bank. Sadly, this is true for most financial institutions nationwide. But Evergreen Bank Group is delivering fresh ideas with Kasasa, a new way to bank that embraces today’s more engaged consumer.

Recent shifts in banking have been one-way affairs: as banks got bigger, they made their own interests their only interest. But Evergreen Bank recognized the symbiotic relationship between consumer and banker.

Banks use customer deposits to make money via loans. Veering from the megabank philosophy of “take the money and run,” Evergreen Bank uses Kasasa to thank the consumer in ways that really matter.

Kasasa Cash is a free high-interest checking account that pays more than the national average CD rate.* Plus, it pays back fees for using other banks’ ATMs.* Amazingly, there’s no minimum balance to earn the rewards.

Evergreen Bank can afford these rewards because they’re linked to qualifications that save the bank money while making the account holder’s life easier. Things like using a debit card for purchases and receiving statements electronically.

Another free account, Kasasa Saver, helps customers put their savings on autopilot. The rewards earned in Kasasa Cash are automatically transferred to Kasasa Saver. Evergreen Bank’s website allows people to open—and even fund—these accounts online in just minutes without coming to a branch.

These and other breakthrough technologies are ways Evergreen Bank is innovating how we bank— and distancing themselves from the herd in the process.

*Qualifications, limits and other requirements apply. See financial institution for details. National average based on, made on 10/01/12.

Provided by Evergreen Bank