Grow your business without bank loans

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You have got the ambition to grow your business and a great plan on paper, but the cash just is not there yet. With the credit crunch of the past few years, securing a bank loan has become increasingly difficult.

Tony Kucharski founded K-1 Financing Inc. after his own frustrations with the banking industry.

“I was once told I was overqualified for a mortgage,” he says. “It just goes to show that there are a whole lot of reasons why you could be rejected for a loan.”

Kucharski now offers factoring services to help small businesses grow. Factoring is not a loan,but a transaction to speed up cash inflow, in which the business sells its receivables to a finance company to receive cash within 24 to 48 hours.

In factoring, it is your customers’ credit that has to qualify for the transaction, which makes this option an excellent opportunity for those who do not qualify for traditional bank financing.

“Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I saw my parents struggle with getting bank loans. Even as a kid, the whole system did not make any sense to me,” Kucharski says. “There are all kinds of reasons companies will not qualify for bank loans. With factoring, we can remove most of those barriers.”

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