Lisle Savings blends ‘vintage with apps’


James J. Renn, chief executive officer of Lisle Savings Bank, says there’s been so much consolidation in banking that customers are very surprised to find out the bank was founded in 1917. So how does a community savings bank, in the competitive Chicago metropolitan area,

grow and remain strong and independent for 95 years?

“First and foremost, we are very fortunate to have many long-term employees,” Renn said. “I’ve been with the bank for 41 years and we have many employees with 15, 20 and 25 years of service. Customers like to see familiar faces. Even when employees of large national banks are with a particular bank for awhile, they get moved around from branch to branch.” “Consequently, they still look like new employees to the customers of a particular branch. Our long term employees really get to know our customers very well. That’s why we recently changed the tagline on our new logo to state ‘Relationships for Generations’. In my time at the bank, I’ve had the privilege of serving three generations.”

“Secondly, bank technology is the great equalizer. We have PC banking with bill-pay service, debit cards and mobile banking like our larger competitors, but I don’t know how many banks that can match us with employee longevity. So if a customer can have both high touch and high tech, why not choose us? That’s why we proclaim ‘vintage banking with apps’.”

“Last June, we opened a branch in a retirement community: The Devonshire in Lisle. Relationships for Generations has been the cornerstone of our success.”

In addition to the Devonshire office, Lisle Savings Bank has offices at 1450 Maple Ave. and 4720 Main St. The bank can be reached at (630) 852-3710 or on-line at

— Provided by Lisle Savings Bank