Getting schooled on fishing for bass

Greg "Bo" Miller (left) exudes a passion for fishing. In particular he is in love with fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass. He started at age 11 and now does so in tournaments. Why does he love it so much? Let him tell you, as well as let you know what it takes to be a professional fisherman.

Learn to fish, hunt, other outdoor activities at free camp


Bass Pro Shops in Portage, Ind., offers a free Summer Family Camp to teach kids about fishing, camping, archery and other outdoor activities.

When buying a boat, consider its uses


Knowing the type of boat to purchase comes with several variables. Will it be used for tubing and waterskiing, or more for fishing? And if it’s fishing, just what kind of fishing do you plan to do? All of this enters the equation.

Salmon: the versatile fish to eat


Salmon’s not only popular because of its health benefits. It’s also plentiful and can be prepared in myriad ways. It’s a great fish to get creative with when it comes time to prepare it for cooking.

Fish finder on all sides of boat


The Humminbird 360 Imaging fish finder is a game-changer in the art of discovering where the fish are located. This new device not only gives a 360-degree view of what’s under the boat, but also what’s ahead of it. One thing for sure, the fish finder is allowing impressive catches for those putting it to use.

Alabama Rig creating quite a splash in fishing world


If you haven’t heard about the Alabama Rig, you’re not likely an avid fisherman. The rig, which allows up to five hooks, is creating quite a buzz of excitement and controversy.

Well-stocked lakes in Griffith repurchased


Terry Daniel always regretted selling the property in Griffith, Ind., that features four stocked fishing lakes on 11 wooded acres. That is why he bought back the lakes last year and is making it a place for parents and their kids to bond while catching a slew of fish.

Possible long-term effects of warm winter on fishing

Temperatures in the 80s in March sounds like a wonderful situation. It was for those looking to get an early start on the fishing season in Northwest Indiana. It may, however, have some long-term effects on fishing populations due to strange spawning patterns and no ice-fishing season.

Family fishing in a Northwoods paradise

Those looking to get away with the family to a Northwoods environment that offers fishing, boating, hiking, kayaking and much more may want to check out Lake Vermilion Resort near Ely, Minn.

2012 might be year for fishing records


A lakefront regular flopped a prespawn yellow perch onto the rocks next to Tony Boshold during the historic stretch of Chicago fishing in March. ‘‘He throws his rod down exclaiming, ‘Dat’s the biggest perch I have ever caught!’ ’’ Boshold messaged. ‘‘I have to inspect, and …

Great weather makes for unbelievable fishing


Take your pick of fish — 15-inch jumbo perch in Indiana, the early coho run on the Chicago lakefront or largemouth bass bedding on suburban ponds and lakes — to illustrate the greatest stretch of modern Chicago fishing, which was spawned by the extended historic …

Fisheries program supports 68,000 jobs in United States

Midwest fisheries’ recreation and conservation activities are huge economic drivers for the nation, according to a recent report issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Proposed policy to improve implementation of Endangered Species Act

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, along with the NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service, have put more teeth into implementing the Endangered Species Act. The endangered species list would now include not only species that are endangered, but also those threatened in a “significant portion of its range.” These agencies will be accepting comments about the change for the next 60 days (from Dec. 8, 2011).

Restocking keeps fishing alive in Lake Michigan

Despite problems created by exotic species, Lake Michigan continues to be a thriving fishing destination. A big part of that is through a restocking program that helps the fish population and the lake’s ecosystem.

Fishing and hunting abound along the Kankakee River

Pike, bass, blue gill, crappie — all of these fish and plenty more await anglers along the Kankakee River. One of the best fishing destinations in northwest Indiana, it offers several wildlife areas as well as some quieter spots to reel in sizable catches. It’s not a bad destination for hunting either.

Tips for preparing lake fish makes it all seem easy

Now that you’ve had success catching fish out on the lake, make the most of it by cooking it right. Kerry Bowlby, of Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant in Portage, lends his expertise by offering tips in preparing lake fish.