Low vision, high excitment card game

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A to 3, is for ages 8 to adult, even with vision impairment. Players arrange cards to form words, total the most points. $15.99 on Amazon.com; search for “A to 3 Card Game.” Visit www.talbareegames.com, call 1-855-230-3500. | SUPPLIED PHOTO

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A to 3, a spelling card game, can be enjoyed by players ages 8 to adult, whether they have perfect vision or a vision impairment. Chicago-area game inventor Jenny Fleishman created A to 3 so her father, who had macular degeneration and a degree of color blindness, could join in the fun.

Unable to find a game on the market that her father could play, Jenny started making game prototypes using her father as her initial test audience. She then took her A to 3 prototype to several low vision support groups in the Chicago metropolitan area for additional feedback. In addition to the many people with low vision, it is estimated that approximately 7 percent of males have some color vision deficiency, which often presents problems with games. A to 3 is designed so accurate color perception is not necessary to differentiate the gameplay significant characteristics of the cards.

A to 3 gives your brain a great workout. Each player has a hand of 10 cards, which they spread out on the table before them. Players arrange their cards to spell one, two or three words, each word using three letters or more. Letters and words score points, depending how they are used. Most hands can be arranged into more than one combination of words. The extra challenge is to find a solution that maximizes your score.

Part luck, and part strategy, A to 3 can be played by 2 to 5 players, and also as solitaire by trying to beat your personal best. Fun for a wide age range players, A to 3 is a perfect multi-generational family game.

A to 3 is available for $15.99 on Amazon.com. Search for “A to 3 Card Game” (including the quotation marks). For more information, visit www.talbareegames.com or call 1-855-230-3500.