Gen X aren’t slackers, study finds

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Generation X was once thought of as rebellious and aloof. Now, they are driven and highly successful.

Forget what you might have heard about Generation X being a bunch of insecure, angst-ridden underachievers. In fact, most of what was once known as the “slacker generation” are hard-working, family-oriented adults who lead “active, balanced and happy lives,” a 20-year study of 4,000 Gen Xers suggests.

The notion that Gen X won’t do as well as their baby boomer parents and the World War II-era Greatest Generation “doesn’t seem to be the case,” says political scientist Jon Miller.

Survey participants — who were contacted yearly from 1987 through 2010 — are now 36 to 39 years old. Rather than growing up disconnected and isolated, they have turned out to be “active in their communities, mainly satisfied with their jobs, and able to balance work, family and leisure,” the study found.

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