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Keep on ticking: Porter Regional Hospital's HEARTaware program assesses a person's risk for heart diseases through an online tool. | Photo by Fotolia


Heart screenings

To help give patients a comprehensive “snapshot” of their heart health, Porter Regional Hospital’s Center for Cardiovascular Medicine offers Comprehensive Cardiac and Stroke Screenings. This screening package helps patients and their physicians find problems early, allowing them more treatment options. In the majority of Porter’s screenings, some degree of abnormality is found ranging from small signs that respond to lifestyle changes to those that require full surgery.

$85 Cardiac & Stroke Screenings include:

PAD (peripheral artery disease) screening of lower extremities.

Echocardiogram to evaluate cardiac structure and function.

Carotid exam to examine any plaque buildup in the carotid arteries which can lead to strokes.

AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysms) screening.

EKG Single-lead EKG strip to assess heart rhythm abnormalities.

LABS to reveal cardiovascular health, including lipid screening, CRP (C-reactive protein) screening, and blood sugar screening.

Screenings take less than an hour and findings are reviewed by Porter’s staff of cardiologists. Complete results are available in a week to 10 days and include comprehensive information to help patients understand the results.

To schedule your screening, call (219) 983-8310.

Provided by Porter Regional Hospital

Heart disease is the nation’s top killer of men and women, taking the lives of 750,000 men and women across the country. Perhaps most frightening: nearly half of these heart attack victims had no prior symptoms or warning of their heart trouble. Yet, many people are unaware that, to a large extent, heart disease can be prevented and treated if detected early.

That’s exactly why Porter Regional Hospital now offers HEARTaware, a quick and easy, free online heart risk assessment tool to help you determine your risk for heart disease.

All it takes is seven minutes and it could save your heart — and your life. And the best part is all you need is an Internet connection for a snapshot of your heart health: on your own time, at your convenience.

How it works

The Porter Regional Hospital risk assessment is simple. Just log on to You will be asked to provide some basic information from a pull-down menu, such as your age and gender, ethnicity, height and weight, smoking history, exercise frequency, blood pressure, family health history, past potential of heart disease symptoms, and any undiagnosed pain.

As a result, you’ll receive a personalized health profile with your individual risks and some prevention tips. You can also opt to be contacted by a nurse to ask questions and make an appointment for an in-person evaluation and testing.

The in-person, follow-up consultation will include a 15-minute verification screening, and a check of your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, body mass index (BMI) and family history. If you are found to be at risk, the health-care professional performing your screening will forward these results to your primary care physician, as well as offer some recommendations for improving your health.

Go to today for your free and confidential screening. It could save your heart and your life.

Provided by Porter Regional Hospital