A regatta boat race in Hobart

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Will this idea float: Members of Boy Scout Troop 65, scout leaders and parent helpers work on their boat to be entered in the Hobart Dam Duck Tape & Cardboard Cup Regatta, a new addition to the annual Lakefront Festival in Hobart. Adults, from left, are Pennie Zimmerman, Scoutmaster Marc Keen, Brian Corbeille and Rob Fox. Scouts, from left, are Nathan Fox, Brett Keen, Tommy Howard, Griffin Zimmerman and T. J. Keen. | Photo by Karen Caffarini

Boat-building tips

A flat bottom boat is recommended, as V-shaped boats may tip over

Kneeling or standing can cause you to tip

Longer boats go faster, but are harder to turn

Boats shorter than 10-feet are difficult to steer

Paint all surfaces before gluing

A 180-pound person will float in a boat that is 1-foot by 1-foot by 3-feet

The glue used in a glue gun will melt on a hot day

Duct tape shrinks when painted

Cover all edges of cardboard

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Calling all would-be shipbuilders, landlubbers with a penchant for adventure and groups who are keen to launch a new project:

The Hobart Parks Department is inviting individuals and groups to use their creative minds and building skills to construct sea-worthy boats capable of handling all the people you want to squeeze on them and floating on Lake George — for a short time, at least.

The boats and their builders will be racing each other in the Hobart Dam Duck Tape & Cardboard Cup Regatta at 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 17, as part of the four-day Hobart Lakefront Festival.

The tricky part? The only materials allowed in construction are corrugated cardboard, cardboard tubes, one-part paints, fastening materials, duct or masking tape, Liquid Nails and carpenter’s glue. No wood, Styrofoam, plastic, vinyl or fiberglass are permitted.

Oars will be permitted to propel the boats, but no motors will be allowed.

“We wanted to do something to utilize the lake. That was our main goal,” Hobart Parks Department employee and pool manager Julie Mandon said.

Rules of regatta

The regatta is a new addition to the festival this year. Registration fee is $30 per boat entry. Registration forms can be picked up at the parks department office at Festival Park Community Center, 111 E. Old Ridge Road, and must be returned by Monday, Aug. 12.

“The boats can be of any design as long as you follow the rules. I’ve seen them from boat shapes to dragons,” Mandon said.

Costumes and team attire are encouraged.

Mandon said the hand-made boats will launch from the dock by the clock tower, race around the buoy and head back.

“The water’s about 4-feet deep by the dock, but everyone must wear a life jacket just in case. You have to be prepared to go down with the ship,” Mandon said.

Everyone on the boat must also be able to swim and sign a waiver.

Other rules include:

The entire construction of the boat’s hull must be made of corrugated cardboard only.

Anyone under age 16 on the boat must have an adult with them.

Anyone found guilty of using illegal boat materials will be disqualified.

All shipwreck debris should be removed and disposed of in provided dumpsters.

Mandon said a first place prize will be given to the first boat to finish the race intact. There also will be a Viewer’s Choice prize for the best-looking or most creative boat and a Shipwreck or Titanic prize given to the first boat to sink.

Mandon said this would be a fun project for various groups to participate in. She said about 20 people attended an informational meeting on the race last month and Boy Scout Troop 65 was the first to turn in a registration form. She believed the boys would be constructing the boat and their dads will be sailing it.

More information is with the Hobart Parks Department at (219) 942-2987,