Dental practice welcomes new dentist for dentures

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Carlos Sallis, DDS


Avid Dental, PC is pleased to welcome Carlos Sallis, DDS, general dentist, to the practice.

Dr. Sallis joins the practice with over 30 years experience in general dentistry with a special focus in treating geriatric patients with removable dental prosthetics (dentures).

He is experienced in all facets of general dentistry and enjoys building relationships with his patients of all ages. Dr. Sallis is a gentle, professional dentist, with patient-focused care. He looks forward to providing you quality dental care in a warm and friendly environment at Avid Dental, PC.

At Avid Dental, Dr. Sallis has the privilege of working directly with dental lab technicians that create and repair dentures or partials. Many times, dentists have to send out to dental labs to have dentures or partials created which can take weeks. But at Avid Dental it is possible to shorten the delivery time by creating the dentures in-house.

During consultations, Dr. Sallis will often bring in one of the lab technicians to inspect a denture or partial, and together they can provide the best recommendation to create the custom fit.

If you already have dentures or partials, chances are you have been wearing them for a long time. “Dentures will wear out. The average American keeps a set of dentures for 17 years. Your mouth will change so much by that time that your old set might be harming you more than helping you” said Carlos Sallis. “I encourage patients to get a new set of dentures every five years whether you feel like you need them or not. At Avid Dental, chances are we can do repairs and relines while you wait. Stop in and see us, we are happy to help you.”

Whatever your budget will allow, Avid Dental can provide you with a quality denture and create the smile you deserve. The dental office is located at 115 Republic Ave. in Joliet, near Presence St. Joseph Medical Center. Avid Dental offers convenient office hours and accepts most insurance plans.

Dr. Sallis is accepting new patients and is looking forward to meeting you. To schedule your general check-up or a denture consultation call (815) 600-8446 or visit

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