Tips to help quit smoking

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Break the habit: The new year is a perfect time to get rid of unhealthy habits such as smoking cigarettes. | Photo by Brandpoint

Congratulations! You have made it through the holiday push — the parties are over, the house guests are gone and things are slowly returning to normal. You’ve spent the past months doing things for others — preparing meals, purchasing gifts, decorating the house, visiting friends and family — but now it’s time to do something for you and your health: quit smoking.

The new year is an ideal time to make a resolution to try to quit. It is time to prepare for new beginnings, to re-evaluate your daily routine, identify why you smoke and make changes that help you eliminate cigarettes from your daily routines.

For most people, quitting smoking is a physical and behavioral challenge. Over the years smoking becomes a part of people’s daily routines, making it difficult to quit. But with proper planning and support people can be successful. So if you have tried to quit before, you shouldn’t become discouraged. It’s still possible.

How to do it

Quitting smoking has both immediate and long-term benefits, including reducing your risk for diseases caused by smoking. Although there is no single approach that works best for everyone, there are some beneficial steps you can take toward planning a successful quit.

Set a quit date. Pick an actual date to stop smoking. Choose one that you feel confident about, one that doesn’t conflict with other stressful life events.

Develop a plan and prepare for your quit date and beyond. Having a game plan in place can help you be ready for challenges you face while quitting.

Get support. Studies have shown that you have a better chance of being successful if you have help. So don’t do it alone. Let a few key friends or family members know you’re quitting. They can help you stick to your goal and offer support during difficult moments.

Speak with your doctor. Let your doctor know when you are ready to quit smoking. He or she can help you decide what approach may be right for you. Quitting smoking is a big life change, and partnering with your doctor can be an important part of the quit process.

One option you might consider to help you quit smoking is the Nicotrol inhaler (nicotine inhalation system). The inhaler provides smokers with adequate amounts of nicotine to reduce the urge to smoke, and may provide some degree of comfort by providing a hand-to-mouth ritual similar to smoking, although the importance of such an effect in smoking cessation is, as yet, unknown.

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