Personalized Pilates offered in Homewood

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Over a barrel: Pilates instructor Carla Eaheart (standing) supervises the workout of client Judy Fleischer, who is doing a Pilates exercise on the ladder barrel at H-F Racquet & Fitness Club in Homewood. | Supplied photo

If the H-F Racquet & Fitness Club is “the club with something for everyone,” as its website advertises, Pilates personal training just might be that something.

The club has the largest collection of Pilates equipment in the area, including two Reformers, a ladder barrel, Pilates chair, tower, and arc, according to Carla Eaheart, Pilates instructor at the club. Training can be done one on one or in groups of two, though Eaheart recommends a few individual sessions at the beginning while the client gets used to the equipment and learns the fundamentals of Pilates.

The club offers Pilates group classes as well, but the equipment is not used for those; they’re on a mat using the client’s own body weight as resistance. Working with equipment isn’t easier or harder but offers resistance through springs rather than body weight alone, Eaheart said.

Customized training

Pilates personal training differs from other personal training as well, she said. Trainers are educated not only in Pilates but in assessment, so they can build a Pilates routine specifically for the client.

“Pilates personal training is very unique to the individual,” she said.

Pilates focuses on building a strong core and improving flexibility, agility, and strength by using exercises geared toward long, lean muscles. It also promotes connection between the mind and body using breath. Good posture and graceful, efficient movements are a focus. Eaheart said her clients often feel as if they’ve worked hard after a Pilates session but always feel stretched and even taller when they leave.

While Pilates is strength-based, a cardio component may be included depending on the client’s fitness goals, Eahart said. It may stand alone or could be done in conjunction with other types of exercise, as clients can take the principles of Pilates back to their other workouts.

“It is ideal for every body, every age, and every fitness level,” she said.

Athletes do Pilates to increase their performance and reduce the risk of injury, while mature adults find it is a safe way to help maintain strength and mobility as they age.

“Stabilizing the core and the trunk will help you be more efficient with the other limbs,” she said.

Because of the focus on posture and spine health, Pilates may also help alleviate back pain, Eaheart said.

Pilates personal training is available during the club’s regular business hours. It is open to both members and non-members; prices depend on the client’s membership status and package purchased.

More information is with H-F Racquet & Fitness Club, 2920 183rd St., Homewood, at (708) 799-1323.