Listing of artisans at this year’s fest

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The Frankfort Fall Festival has become known all over the United States as one of the best traditional arts-and-crafts shows, and artisans are eager to be part of the Festival. The Fest has been recognized numerous times by Sunshine Artist magazine. Each year approximately 500 applications are received by the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce. After the jury committee makes its selection, approximately 300 crafters are then accepted into the show.

Below is a list of artisans from Frankfort and other Lincoln-Way communities who will be appearing at the 2013 Frankfort Fall Festival. Each is listed with the booth number, company name and category:


Neon Nuts, Inc., Face Painter


3D-Forever,Fused Glass


Rabbit Hollow, Fabrics


Succulent Scents, Sensory


Wine Not Cork, Crafts


The Unbroken Circle, Clothing & Accessories - Kids


Rockin Waistwear, Clothing & Accessories - Adult


Ewenique Boutique, Woodcrafts


Boulder Design of Will Co., Signs


Corkware, Woodcrafts


Just Say Cheese & Glass From The Past, Glass

HL002 Howard Tile, Crafts


White Street Gallery, Fine Art


K9 Cookie Factory, Pets


Angels Touch, Frames & Mats


Green Envee Organic, Sensory


M & O Designs, Glass


What a Charming Idea, Jewelry


Northern Exposure Chainsaw Carving, Woodcrafts


Melissa Monroe Pottery, Stoneware & Pottery


Fire Cut Glass, Glass

HL 032 Kristin Ward Dynasty Connections, Inc., Jewelry


The New Homestead, Metalwork


Sew Pretty Creations, Fabrics


Dzierwadesigns, Woodcrafts


Bob Horsch Gallery, Photography


Venetias Home Accents, Floral


Tabletop Beanbag Games, Woodcrafts


The Bella Baby Boutique, Clothing & Accessories - Kids


Say It Naturally, Jewelry


Sonia’s Creations, Doll Clothing


Cathy Boyer, Food


World of Whimsy, Fabrics


Short & Sweet Treats, Food


Tinsel & Timber, Jewelry


Attidudes, Clothing & Accessory - Adult


The Buttons Stop Here, Jewelry


Sandy Sekulovich, Jewelry

Below are the other artisans, listed by category, participating in the 2013 Frankfort Fall Festival:


Booths A110-111: Clear Candle

Booths A130-131: Beckley’s Best Blends

Booth H319: Little Creek Candles

Booth F010: FIG Candle Company

Booth E805: Good Earth Soap

Booth E937: Homebrew Soaps

Booth F015: Gabriel John Candles & Such

Booth H319: Little Creek Candles

Booth O719: Succulent Scents

Clothing & Accessories - Adult

Booth A106: Bella Designs

Booth E823-824: Personal Pizazz

Booth E828-830: My Secret Stash

Booth E834: Shooting Star Scarves

Booth E932: Rockin Waistwear

Booth F023: Embroidery Plus

Booths H325-326: The Added Touch

Booth HL006: Shirts By Jan

Booth K417: One of a Kind Skirts

Booth K428: Princys Wearable Art

Booth K441: All Things Knit and Silk

Booth K515: Fish Face Goods

Booths K614-615: Attidudes

Booth O230: Ellembee

Booths O232-233: Shirtwurks

Booths O728-729: Phyllis Costello

Clothing & Accessories - Kids

Booth E928: Mally’s

Booth F014: The Bella Baby Boutique

Booth F033: Snugglie Tabs by Susan Marie

Booth H316: The Unbroken Circle

Booth HL008: Lizzy Sam Bows

Booth HL027: Sonia’s Creationes

Booth K530: Puppy Toes

Booth O225: Sew Special

Booths O742-743: Oh Baby Boutique


Booth A132: The Sisters’ Gift

Booths E815-816: Horseshoe Golf LLC

Booths E821-822: Kahrs Toy Time

Booth E835: Bakery Belles

Booth E845: Mole Record Bowls

Booth E911: Pick A Poem

Booths F002-003: Gerry’s

Booth F017: Wine Not Cork

Booths H303-304: Country Pick’ns

Booths H334-335: Nichole Ward

Booth HL002: Howard Tile

Booths HL018-019: Me & My Sister

Booth K408: Gour Designs

Booths K505-506: Fun and Funky

Booth K537: Out Of Our Gourd

Booth K608: Wilsons

Booth K616: Handmade Treasures

Booth O205: The Little Hedgerow

Booths O207-208: Old Beginnings

Booths O226-227: Lifetime Creations

Doll clothing

Booth E933: Wee Line Doll Clothing

Booth H318: lolo doll

Booth K609: Pretty Doll Collections

Booth O234: Barbs Dolls & Crafts

Booths O726-727: Sew Cute


Booth A107: Good Time Learning

Booth A121: Sew Pretty Creations

Booth A128: Country Baskets

Booth E803: The Palm Beach Collection

Booth E850: Granma’s Gifts

Booth E852: Bunnies, Bibs and Bears

Booth E856: Doily Boutique

Booth E859: Bags By Hags

Booth E862: Halo Frabic and Dye

Booth E901: Luv Those Rugs

Booth E938: Designs By Ingrid

Booth E942: What A Seat

Booth F031: Paula’s Material Thing

Booth F034: Goose Get Ups

Booths H309-310: Classy Quilting By Barbara

Booth H321: Merry Berry Creations

Booth H322: GT Crafts

Booth HL010: Everyday Bow Ties

Booths HL011-012: Wild Wesst Designs

Booth HL039: Very Unique Pillow Cases

Booth K442: Happy Heads

Booth K516: Jane’s Country Needle

Booth K531: Rabbit Hollow

Booth K624: World of Whimsy

Booth O212: It’s Quilted

Booth O213: Bearly Chenille

Booths O705-706: Relax Wraps

Booths O708-709: Bunnies and Bows

Booth O714: Val in Stitches

Booth O738: Maxi Pink Designs

Face Painter

Booth E853: Neon Nuts, Inc.

Fine Art

Booth H320: Alumni Artwork, Inc.

Booths K402-403: Tami Wolfgram Studio

Booth K427: Kats by Kelly

Booth K536: Paul Ashack Studios

Booth K543: Dalia Art Studio

Booth K618: Wennerstens Etchings

Booths K627-628: Byrd Island

Booths O216-217: Imagine That Creations

Booth O221: Blockhead Arts

Booth O702: Twisted Dimensions

Booth O704: White Street Gallery


Booth H323: Country Wreath

Booth HL020: Marilyn & John Groth

Booth K612: “Fleurs”

Booth O725: Venetias Home Accents

Booths O739-740: Unique Floral Arrangements


Booths A126-127: Lehmans Orchard LLC

Booth F005: Short & Sweet Treats

Booths F006-007: Starla’s Handcrafted Seasonings

Booth F016: Ron & Frank’

Booth HL007: Honey

Booths K406-407: Heartland Herbs

Frames & Mats

Booths E908-909: Gifts Work Plus

Booth H333: K.I.D. Studio

Booths HL025-026: Best Friends Frames

Booth HL037: Endless Creations

Booths K425-426: Angels Touch

Booth O228: DK Apparel

Booths O712-713: Craft Zees


Booth A112: Glass Lilies

Booth F021: M & O Designs

Booth HL015: Barron Glass Design

Booths HL023-024: Cottage Treasures

Booths HL033-034: Felicity Arts

Booth K414: Twin Designs

Booth K423: Tiny Treasures

Booth K431: Mango Mosaics

Booth K437: Glass Garden

Booth K440: The Glass Haus

Booth K533: Kays Key West Bottle Art

Booth K542: David Lotton Glass Designs

Booth K613: Fire Cut Glass

Booth K625: Laura’s

Booth O214: Just Say Cheese & Glass From the Past

Booth O707: Window To My World

Booth O711: Moonlight Studio

Booth O718: 3D-ForeverFused

Booth O724: Lorenzo’s Studio


Booth A108: Live Out Loud Designs

Booth A117: Linda O ... Oh Linda

Booth A122: Ziegler Designs

Booth E804: Say It Naturally

Booths E813-814: South Designs

Booth E819: Golden Spiral Jewelry

Booth E832: Kiwi Avenue

Booth E833: Amber Art

Booth E836: Wire Wrapped Gemstones

Booth E840: Atira Jewelry

Booth E844: Sandy Sekulovich

Booth E912: Genuine Gemstone Jewelry

Booth E917: What a Charming Idea

Booth E934: Tinsel & Timber

Booth E935: Crystals & Caterpillars

Booth E939: Wooden Treasures

Booth F012-013: Something So Charming

Booth F024: Earth, Wind and Fired, LTD

Booth H306: Dorn’s Design Studio

Booth H331: Pottspourri Creations

Booth HL003: Fun Co2

Booth HL016: Deezeyener Jewelry

Booth HL032: Dynasty Connections, Inc.

Booth K409: Harpstone

Booth K412: GoldFire Ltd.

Booth K424: Liam Shard Jewelry

Booth K436: The Charming Cherub

Booth K526: Humbertos Designs LLC

Booth K535: Kristine Riis Designs

Booth K541: Stone Temple Jewelry

Booth K607: Magical Delights

Booth K617: Satori Fire Glass

Booth K622: The Buttons Stop Here

Booth O203: Hooker Earrings

Booth O220: A Touch of Art

Booth O701: Barking Dog Jewelry Designs

Booth O720: Oreb Lram Fine Casual

Booth O730: Forest Flower Jewelry

Booth O732: Crooked Creek Designs

Booth O741: Unique Creations


Booth A120: Antique Fire Extinguisher

Booth A134: Whispy Vines

Booth E808: Five Star Creations

Booths E810-811: Better Butterfly

Booth E827: Feather Your Nest

Booth E831: Amazing Plant Stand

Booths E837-838: Heinecke Welding, LLC

Booths E842-843: Kramer Welding

Booth E906: The Martin Grill Gadget

Booth F004: Wise Guyz Gadgets

Booth F019: Country Crossings

Booth HL004-005: Route 66

Booth HL021: Michigan Made Metal

Booths HL029-030: Leaton Metal Designs

Booth HL038: Endless Creations

Booth K404-405: 7055 Inc.

Booth K429: Carmichael

Booth K443: Metal Minds

Booths K507-508: The New Homestead

Booth K532: Presentability

Booth K538: Feathers, Fins & Fur

Booths K539-540: Classic Creations

Booth K620: Artistic Alchemy

Booth O703: Iron Jewelry


Booth F020: Winkadoodle Music


Booth A109: Finegan & O’Brien

Booth E820: Studio 253

Booth E910: Avante Painting

Booth H313: Mistletoe Memories

Booth H315: Nippers Studio

Booth K418: Prairie State Designs

Booths O218-219: Claudia

Booths O733-734: Pizzazzzz


Booth E841: K9 Cookie Factory

Booth E936: Tail Waggers by Wendy

Booth F025: Pet Prints

Booth F028: Dog Gone It

Booth F032: Lovin’ Tails


Booth E802: Art Zings Photo Letter Art

Booth F018: Rich Traditions

Booths H307-308: Photograph By Schuth

Booth HL001: SMG Photo Gallery

Booth HL022: Letters With A View

Booth K413: Paul Prorok Photography

Booths K603-604: Bob Horsch Gallery

Booth O201: Whispering Impressions


Booth A125: Hale the Bag Lady

Booth E905: Lazy Dog Designs

Booth H305: Daisybags

Booth H317: Maja Crafts

Booth K432: The Bag Girl

Booth O209: Purseonality


Booths E857-858: Kirk Enterprises


Booth A102: Primo Potpourri

Booth E907: Crystal Scents

Booth E913: Mia’s Wish Inc.

Booth E940: Natures Quest, LLC

Booth HL036: Green Envee Organic

Booths K509-510: Treat Your Body

Booth E851: Butter Duck Farms


Booth E861: Boulder Design of Will Co.

Booth K511: Last Mango Studio

Booths O735-737: Summer Snow

Stoneware & Pottery

Booths A104-015: Annie’s Garden

Booth E860: The Art Box

Booth H302: Schmidt-Marken Designs

Booth K438: Melissa Monroe Pottery

Booth K523: Antioch Pottery

Booth K525: Lawrence Kearns pottery

Booths K605-606: Clay Coyote Pottery

Booth O215: Clement Clayworks

Booth O731: OM Valley Earthwork

Boo th K534: A Muddy Mess Pottery

Wood Furnishings

Booth A119: Custom Built Clocks

Booths E847-849: Made For You Furniture

Booth A915: Classic Furniture

Booth F001: Rustic Elegance

Booths F035-036: Easy Times

Booths F037-038: Yard Stuff Company


Booth A118: Floating Leaf Table

Booth E801: Ewenique Boutique

Booths E806-807: Hare Hollow

Booth E812: Dzierwadesigns

Booth E902: Dave Alger Woodworking

Booths E903-904: Inside Out LLC

Booths E926-927: Pink Haven Crafts

Booth E941: Tabletop Beanbag Games

Booth E943: Kristyn’s Artistic Designs

Booths F008-009: Zolis Woodcarving

Booth F027: DIRKXYS

Booths F029-030: Hollow Woodworks

Booths H311- 312: Heart To Heart

Booths H329-330: Fox Hollow Woodworks

Booth HL017: Corkware

Booth HL031: Puzzle Mist

Booth K415: Seasons In The Home

Booth K430: Robert Linn

Booth K434: Second Nature By Hand

Booths K512-513: Mom’s Enterprises

Booth K524: Grape Wood Designs

Booths K527-528: Whittles and Bits

Booth K602: Northern Exposure Chainsaw Carving

Booth K610: Intarsia Wood Art

Booth K611: John Toohey Ltd.

Booth K623: Barns Into Birdhouses

Booth O211: go fish

Booth O231: Earring Holder Gallery

Booth O235: Visual Concepts

Booth O715: “R” Mi-De Wood Shop

Booths O721-723: Heritage Handcrafts

Booths E929-931: Uniquely Crafted

Booth O206: Lois Ann Wachtmann

Booth O210: Somethin’ Special Keepsakes

Provided by Frankfort Chamber of Commerce