Frankfort Fall Fest features vendors from 28 states

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More than 300 artisans will be displaying their art-and-crafts creations during the 2011 Frankfort Fall Festival. | Supplied photo

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The Frankfort Fall Festival has become known all over the United States as one of the best traditional arts and crafts shows, and artisans are eager to be part of our Festival. Our Festival has been recognized numerous times by Sunshine Artist magazine. Each year approximately 500 applications are received by the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce. After the jury committee makes its selection, approximately 300 crafters are then accepted into the show. For 2011 there will be artisans from 28 states, 68 of whom will be making their first appearance at the festival.

In addition to nationally known artisans at our Fall Fest, there are several top-quality artisans living in Frankfort and the Lincoln-Way area that are part of the Fall Festival.

The following are artisans from Frankfort and nearby suburbs in the Lincoln-Way area:

Booth 028

M & D Designs

Maureen Zych


Booths 125-126

Angel’s Touch

Margie Stark

Frames & Mats

Booth 214

Just Say Cheese/Glass From the Past

Megan & Julie Fordon


Booth HL1

Green Envee Organic

Bob Weiss

Sensory Products

Booth HL2

Art’s Desire

Natasha Pitcock


Booth 418


Monnie Wilson


Booths 516-517

Byrd Island

Gina Byrd


Booth 803

Not So Shabby Frame

Lori Johnson

Frames & Mats

Booth 824

Bijoux Studio

Cathie Shaffer


Booth 830

Boulder Design of Will County

Kevin Engelmann


Booth 841


Michael Fehr


Booth 920D

What A Charming Idea

Lisa Bass


Booth 529

Dotsie’s Face Painters

Nancy Sims

Face Painter

Booth 013

The Front Porch Coffee & Gifts

Catherine Anderson


Booth 601

Chainsaw Carvings

Scott & Jeanne Cochrane


Booths 507-508

The New Homestead

Dianne & Chuck Geier


Booth 605

James Harris Sculpture

Jim Harris


Booth 607

Antoinette Millinery

Antoinette Mardosz

Clothing & Accessories - Adults

Booth 930

Lynda Jandek

Lynda Jandek


Other 2011 Frankfort Fall Festival artisans (listed by category)


Booths 130-131

Beckley’s Best Blends

Joe & Marie Beckley

Booth 319

Little Creek Candles

Anna Fleckenstein

Booth 417

Clear Candle

Greg Sobanski

Clothing & Accessories - Adult

Booth 133


Lisa Boesch

Booth 201-202

Just Another Stitch

Patricia Kripner

Booth 232-233


Kevin & Hayley Hostetler

Booth 325-326

The Added Touch

Linda Reese

Booth HL8

Not Your Grandma’s Apron

Lisa & Ona Lee & Lemons

Booth 427

Kats by Kelly

Kathleen Kelly

Booth 434

Hidemasters of Colorado LLC

Joe & Pat White

Booth 441

All Things Knit

Sharon McNeill

Booth 515

Fish Face Goods

Troy Thomas

Booth 607

Antoinette Millinery

Antoinette Mardosz

Booth 821

Sweats N Such

Janet Siefker

Booth 844


Phyllis Costello

Booth 856-857

Sisters In Stitches LLC

Karen Van Heyningen

Clothing & Accessories - Kids

Booth 015

Embroidery Plus

Roger & Debbie Mazur

Booth 205

32 Degrees

Kris & Christine Rivera & Haley

Booth 225

Sew Special

Kathy Davis

Booth 316

The Unbroken Circle

Deborah Brawley

Booth 431

Double Dot Designs

Kristin Gonzalez

Booth 442

Happy Heads

Beth Hulsmann

Booth 530

Puppy Toes

Elvira Germani

Booth 608

Quirky Threads Inc.

Vanessa Amanatidis

Booth 730

Little Loves

Katie Jager

Booth 741

Shabby but Chic

Evie Davis

Booth 806-807

Sunny Daze Apparel

Peggy Mohr

Booth 923


Claire Duy


Booth 007

Elcee, Inc. dba Me-Me-’s Gifts

Lynda Cundary

Booth 010

Iron Jewel

Pam Firra

Booth 030

Morrow’s Gifts

Brian Morrow

Booths 032-033

Easy Times

Dan & LaVonne Enfield

Booth 107

Aspen Meadow Angels

Walker & Delores Coffman

Booth 117

We Play with Clay

Cindy Heumann

Booth 128

Home Fields Inc.

Ken Small

Booth 132

Jade’s Menagerie

Wanda Allen

Booth 208

Old Beginnings

Megan Perfitt

Booth HL7

Art of Letters Photography

Brian Smith

Booth HL9

Twin Designs

Renee Oberlin

Booth HL27

Sealife Creation

Jeff Mayo

Booth HL31

Theresa’s Woolen Crafts

Theresa Malik

Booth 418


Monnie Wilson

Booths 425-426

Critter Creations

Stephen Cherry

Booths 516-517

Byrd Island

Gina Byrd

Booth 625

Little T’s Corner

Donna Malacina

Booth 704

The Saltbox

Al & Dee Miller

Booth 711

Blockhead Arts

Marian Baker

Booth 719

Paper Miniskirt

Kristi Pamperin

Booth 731

The Wine Steward LLC

Marjorie McConville

Booth 802

The Palm Beach Collection

Helen Duggan

Booth 811

Hair Wear Originals

Indre’ Lukas

Booth 814

S.D.G Artistry

Sherri Ohler

Booth 830

Boulder Design of Will County

Kevin & Tom Engelmann

Booth 831

C & V Creations

Valerie Evans

Booth 834

Evergreen Mountain LLC

Gerald & Laurie Wilhite

Booth 841


Michael Fehr

Booth 843

Savvy Servers & More

Sandy Sekulovich

Booths 848-849

O’Leary Specialties

Patty O’Leary

Booths 852-853

Lincoln Ridge Farms

Jeff Thomas

Booths 901-902

Luv Those Rugs

Reda Reinhart

Booths 905-906

Wistoria Gardens

Ruth Ann Belt

Booth 912

Conversation Pieces

Donna McMullen

Booth 915

Sculpture in Minature

Susan Long

Booth 916

Kahrs Toy Time

Neil & Lisa Kahrs

Booth 926

ArtZings Photo Letter Art

Michelle Robertson

Booth 932

CDK Originals Inc.

Jim King

Doll clothing

Booth 029

David Groff

David Groff

Booth 234

Barbs Dolls & Crafts

Barbara Danner

Booth 318

Lolo Doll

Lauren Ehrenfeld

Booth 609

Pretty Doll Collections

Cathy & Warren Erdmann

Booths 726-727

Sew Cute

Jim & Marianne Paul

Booth 931

Weeline Doll Clothing

Phil & Linda Olson


Very Unique Pillowcases Raye Cross

Booths 017-018

The Spool Shed

LeAnn Connor

Booth 212

It’s Quilted

Diann Hammond

Booth 213

Bearly Chenille

Debbie Hoover

Booths 309-310

Classy Quilting

Barbara Hrezo

Booths 419-420

Peggy Whitson LLC

Peggy Whitson

Booth 523

Jane’s Country Needle

Jane Hudson

Booth 524

Them Mary’s

Dale Mary

Booths 531-532

Michelle Urban

Michelle Urban

Booth 538

Sew Many Stitches

Karen Johnson

Booths 623-624

World of Whimsy

Mary Molfese

Booths 708-709

Bunnies and Bows

Chrysa Sparrow

Booth 716

One of A Kind Baby Bunting

Karen Adamski

Booth 729

The Glam Finale

Jodie Shaw

Booth 838

Granma’s Gifts

Megan March

Booths 903-904

Peggy’s County Crafts

Peggy Francisco

Booth 933

Designs by Ingrid

Ingrid Nolan

Booth 939

What A Seat

William Craiger

Face Painting

Booth 529


Nacy Sims

Fine Arts

Booth 004

Pastel Portraiture & Fine Art

D.Anne Jones

Booth 112

Paul & Lucy Lu

Paul & Lucy Lu

Booth 320

Alumni Artwork

Robin Lauersdorf

Booth HL15

Paul Strohman Art

Paul Strohman

Booths 402-403

Tami Wolfgram Studio

Bruce & Tami Wolfgram

Booth 506

Fleming Art

Vincent Fleming

Booth 543

Dalia’s Art Studio

Dalia Ancevicius

Booths 618-619

Fine Art Etching

Jay Wennersten

Booths 620-621

Nha Vuu Studio & Design

Nha Vuu

Booths 712-713

Whispering Impressions

Leon & Tracy Sadlo

Booth 819

Jon Jahraus Cartoons

Jon Jahraus

Booth 842

J McMullen Studio

Jean McMullen


Booth 002-003


Sandra Gerry

Booth 206

Creative Touches

Cheryl Stefano

Booth 221

Sprigs, Twigs and Floras

Debbie Ross

Booths 323-324

Country Wreath

Lonnie & Nora Schneider

Booth HL20

Designs by Paige DBA John & Marilyn Groth

John & Marilyn Groth

Booth 611


Lori Mielenz-Krause

Booths 739-740

Unique Floral Arrangements

Julie Sheridan


Booth 005

Ron & Frank’s

Ron Morrone

Booth 006

Starla’s Hand Made Dips & Soups

Starla Batzko

Booth 013

The Front Porch Coffee & Gifts

Catherine Anderson

Booth 016

Summer Rose 21

Kelley Dunlevy

Booth 121

Lehmans Orchard LLC

Steve Lecklider

Booths 407-408

Heartland Herbs

Fran Linkowski

Booths 815-817

All of Us

Lee Shumate

Booth 825

Amy Peterson

Amy Peterson

Booth 833

Ellbee’s Garlic Seasonings

Linda Styer

Booth 911

Pastamore Gourmet Foods

Diana Lindenbaum

Frames & Mats

Booths 125-126

Angel’s Touch

Margie Stark

Booths 228-229

DK Framing

Donald Wilkinson

Booth HL22

Letters With A View

Booths HL25-26

Best Friends Frames

Martin & Jamie Magreevy

Booths 735-737

Summer Snow

Lynn Roeger

Booth 803

Not So Shabby Frames

Lori Johnson


Booth 028

M & D Designs

Maureen Zych

Booth 210

Joy from the Heart

Jeanine Huot

Booth 214

Just Say Cheese From the Past

Megan & Julie Fordon

Booths 226-227

Lifetime Creations

Nick Jensen

Booth HL19

Barron Glass Design

Paul & Heidi Barron

Booth HL21

Tom’s Glass

Tom Nedobeck

Booths HL29-30

Cottage Treasures

Catherine Kraatz

Booths HL33-HL34

Felicity Arts

Dan & Deborah Fenn

Booth 423

Tiny Treasures

Cindy Higgins

Booth 424

Earth, Wind and Fired Ltd

Jan Gussin

Booths 428-429

Painted Pozzies

Diane Pozzie

Booth 438

Mango Mosaics

Eric Huggins

Booth 440

The Glass Haus

Leonard & Carolyn Wilson

Booth 542

David Lotton Glass Design

David & Kimberly Lotton

Booth 602

Prairie State Designs

Patti Sulik

Booth 610

Joyful Things

Joy Duszynski

Booth 626


Laura Hecker

Booth 720

Warm Glass Transitions

Irene Sherman

Booth 732

HGK Company

Renee Urban

Booth 818

Napabound Creations

Pat Kruswicki

Booth 820

Creations in Glass

Charlie Yowell

Booths 917-918

Designs With Heart LLC

Marge Hojnacki

Booth 927

Kays Key West Bottle Art

Kay Bowman


What A Charming Idea Lisa Bass

Booths 011-012

Something So Charming

Jody & Andrea Norton

Booth 031

John The Ringman

John Albertsen

Booth 108

Forest Flower Jewelry

Katherine & Jaron Weisinger & Reeser

Booth 122


Gary & Carol Ziegler

Booth 127

Cloe Lane Studio

Kelly Coronado

Booth 203

Hooker Earrings

Ginny Krieger

Booth 220

A Touch of Art

Charise Bundesen

Booth 230

Palm Coast Art

Mallery Kay

Booth 305

Fun Co 2

Susan Myers

Booth 315

Lu’s Creations

Mary Johnson

Booth 317


Sandee Haven

Booth HL2

Art’s Desire

Natasha Pitcock

Booth HL10

Notari Studio

Carrie Notari

Booth HL16

Kristine Riis Designs

Kristine Riis

Booth HL32

Saasc Designs

Aniela Janachowski

Booths 409-410

Harp Stone

Eric & Mary Kahmann

Booth 412

Goldfire Ltd

Gail Rieder

Booth 436

TK Connor & Co

Tom Connor

Booth 533

Bear Paws Glass Works

Greg Cunningham

Booth 541

Jeff Zoellner

Jeff Zoellner

Booths 612-613

Rula Glass

Julie Leonhardt

Booth 616

Satori Fire Glass

Stephanie Tantillo

Booth 622

The Buttons Stop Here

Rhonda Gurgone

Booth 728

Unique Creations

Cathy Davis

Booths 808-809

Barbara Smith Designs

Barbara Smith

Booth 824

Bijout Studio

Cathie Shaffer

Booth 835

Artistic License

Phyllis Siwek

Booth 837

Pottspourri Creations

Nancy Potts

Booth 850

Awareness Products - Ear Art Designs

Janelle Holoch

Booth 855

Dorn’s Design Studio

Dorn Cheske

Booth 858

Support Starving Artists Inc.

Catherine Borzym

Booth 913

Feather Your Nest

Charlie & Sheila Sprigg

Booth 928

Wooden Treasures

Igor & Larissa Zimin


Booth 019

Country Crossing

Mark Perrot

Booth 120

Antique Fire Extinguishers

Doug Purtee

Booth 118

Nature Art

Clint Hawthorn

Booth 134

Whispy Vines

Janet White

Booth 207

Feathers, Fins & Fur

David Berari

Booth 301

Chime Garden

Deeann Buckley

Booth 331

Rustic Attitude

Keith & Maureen Boone

Booths 332-333

Macklin’s Sculpture

Shannon & Gail Macklin

Booths HL4-HL5

Route 66

Stephen Haslehurst

Booths HL23-HL24


Dan Carmichael

Booth 406

Copper Reflections

Linda Greenway-Kinney

Booth 443

Metal Minds

Rich Backer

Booths 507-508

The New Homestead

Dianne & Chuck Geier

Booths 511-512

Smelly Belly Bears

Robert Dean Barkley

Booths 539-540

Francis Metal Works

Chuck & Tammy Adams & Widhaim

Booth 615

Matthew’s Art Studio

Mark Matthews

Booths 812-813


Greg & Ben Meyerdirk

Booths 822-823

Heinecke Welding, LLC

Bonnie Heinecke

Booths 839-840

Kris Kraft

Sheryl Dombrowski

Booths 919-920

Better Butterfly

Ramona Jarvis


Booth 854

Sleepy River Music

Keith Phillips


Booth 001


Mary Ann Sanders

Booth 109

Finegan & O’Brien

Joyce O’Brien

Booths 110-111

Wallace Wood Ornaments LLC

Jason & Andrea Wallace

Booth 219


Claudia Putignano

Booths 313-314

Mistletoe Memories

Wayne & Pam Schaefer

Booths 733-734


Diana Gordon


Booth 014

Lovin’ Tails

Julie Jurish

Booth 025

Dog Gone It

Amy & Beth Gharib & Winkie

Booth 027

Tail Waggers by Wendy Inc

Howard Lettvin

Booth 910

Betty Barcheski


Booths 307-308

Photography by Schuth

Keith Schuth

Booths HL17-HL18

Lake Superior Photo

Shawn Malone

Booth HL 22

Letters With a View

Diane Veltema

Booths 413-414


Paul Prorok

Booths 603-604

Bob Horsch Gallery

Bob Horsch


Booth 123

Hale the Bag Lady

Linda Hale

Booth 209


Lonnie & Caroline Clarke

Booth 302

Daisy Bags

Jill Scales

Booth 306

Purses by Robin

Steve & Robin Cardona

Booth HL3

Handbags for U by Sue

Susan Pritzker

Booths HL11-HL12

Wild West Designs

David Crawford

Booth 432

The Bag Girl

Heaven McCaulley

Booth 714

Val in Stitches

Valerie Seaver

Booth 718

Branson’s Designs

Branson Bennett


Booths 022-023

Royal Images

Sandra Bierman

Booth 102

Primo Potpourri

Richard Dutilly

Booth HL1

Green Envee Organics

Bob Weiss

Booths 509-510

Treat Your Body

Brenda Fields

Booth 617

Blue Heron Soap

Carl Manthei

Booth 907

Crystal Scents

Robert Dawson

Booth 914

Dr Bubbles Handmade Soap

Dorothy DeGroot

Booth 929

Butter Duck Farms

Kimberly Biske

Stoneware & Pottery

Booths 104-105

Annie’s Garden

LaVonne Anderson

Booth 106

designs by moon sun

Kari Kranz

Booth 215

Clement Clayworks

Al & Kris Clement

Booth 321

Michigan Ceramics LLC

Kyle White

Booth 335

Schmidt-Marken Designs

Doug Schmidt

Booth 526

Lawrence Kearns Pottery

Lawrence Kearns

Booths 527-528

Imagine That

John & Paige Jackson

Booth 537

Colorful Artists

Michelle & Wayne Chang & Gao

Booths 535-536

Clay Coyote Pottery

Tom & Betsy Wirt & Price

Booth 606

Antioch Pottery & Greenwear

Jill Tortorella

Booth 707

Hill Top Clay Works

Don Schiffner

Booth 829

Studio B Pottery

Bruce & Laurie Thorpe

Booths 908-909

Spirit Dancing

Diana Meier

Wood Furnishings

Booth 119

Custom Built Clocks

EJ Mossman

Booths 034-035

Yard Stuff Company

Paul & Sherry Maire

Booths 216-217


Jon & Rosanne Nelson

Booths 404-405

Oak Heritage

Keith Kinney

Booths 845-847

Made For Your Furniture

Eric & Jenny Arnes


Endless Creations Mary & Chuck Hartwig

Booths 008-009

A Craft Passion

Karen Hauk

Booths 020-021

Kountry Kollections

Larry & Chris Hess

Booth 026

Hollow Woodworks

Ray & Jim Beachler

Booth 211

Go Fish

Laura Junco

Booth 235

Visual Concepts

Barre Nall

Booths 303-304

Country Pick’ns

Tom & Jan Messenger

Booths 311-312

Heart to Heart

Shari Grenzow Mauer

Booths 329-330

Fox Hollow Woodworks

Virgil & Darlene Hoffman

Booth 334

Intarsia Wood Art

Donald Fry

Booth 336

Country From the Heart

Nichole Ward

Booth 415

Seasons in the Home

Sandra Collins

Booth 430

Robert Linn

Robert Linn

Booth 437

I Tole You It’s Art

Lois Ann Wachtmann

Booths 502-503

Whittles and Bits

Paul Gorecki

Booths 504-505

Fun and Funky

Kim Nowak

Booth 513

Last Mango Studio

Mark & Sandy Johnson

Booths 518-519

Mom’s Enterprises

Janet & Laura Ravenna

Booths 520-521

Second Nature

David & Jen Tubbin

Booth 525


Benjamin Balkum

Booth 534

Inspirations by Iron Petal

Al & Jayne Vinsant

Booth 601

Chainsaw Carvings

Scott & Jeanne Cochrane

Booth 605

James Harris Sculpture

Jim Harris

Booth 614

Heirlooms Inc.

Don Mabry

Booths 701-703

Kindred Hearts Inc.

Sandy Buchholz

Booths 705-706

This N That Crafts

Rose Molitor

Booths 804-805

Hare Hollow

Terry & LouAnn Montgomery

Booth 715

‘’R’’ Mi-De Woodshop

Michael Rogers

Booth 717

You Name It Toys

Randy Reierson

Booths 721-722

Heritage Handcrafts

Dave & Debby Johnston

Booths 723-724

Ginger Blue

Steve & Pam Montes

Booth 738

Folk, Funk & Whimsy

Tammi Floyd

Booth 801

Ewenique Boutique

Ken & Cheryl Daly

Booth 810

Lil’’ Something Special by Roseann

Roseann Kaufman

Booth 832

Tabletop Bean Bag Games

Kim Schuch

Booth 930

Lynda Jandek

Lynda Jandek

Booth 934

Floating Leaf Tables

Mary Lou Greenwood

Booths 935-936

Sandblasted Sonte By Brenda

Warren & Brenda Bennett

Booth 938

Kristyn’s Artistic Designs

Kristyn Gittleman


Booth 725

Bob Mefford Sign Artist

Robert Mefford

Booths 921-922

Pine Haven Crafts

Michael & Bonnie Wasik

Booths 924-925

Uniquely Crafted

Bill & Vivian Matthews

Provided by Frankfort Chamber of Commerce