Pumping up the pumpkin pie


Americans have long celebrated the holiday season with the classic favorite, homemade pumpkin pie. This year, treat family and guests to a delicious new twist on the pumpkin pie ­standard. Topped with whipped cream and warm Biscoff sauce, this unique recipe elevates the beloved tradition to a new level of indulgence.

Biscoff Pumpkin Pie

Pastry for a 10-inch deep-dish pie shell or one refrigerated rolled pastry


A half cup Biscoff Spread

A half cup sugar

Two large eggs

One (15 oz.) can solid pack pumpkin

One (12 oz.) can evaporated milk

One teaspoon cinnamon

A half teaspoon ground ginger

A quarter teaspoon nutmeg

Whipped cream with Biscoff Spread sauce*


Heat oven to 425˚ F. Line a 10-inch deep-dish pie plate or quiche dish with pastry; flute edges. Whisk together Biscoff Spread, sugar and eggs in a large bowl. Stir in remaining ingredients; whisk well and pour into dish.

Bake 10 minutes, then reduce oven temperature to 350˚ F. Continue to bake 35 to 40 more minutes or until center is set. Cool on wire rack at least two hours before serving at room temperature or chilled with desired topping. Makes eight servings.

Whipped cream with Biscoff Spread sauce: In a medium bowl, whip a half cup of whipping cream with a hand mixer until soft peaks form; add sugar to desired taste and whip until stiff peaks form. Heat 1½ cups of Biscoff Spread in microwave for 45 seconds or until melted. Top each slice of pie with whipped cream and drizzle with warm sauce.

Biscoff Spread was created using Biscoff Cookies and has the same lightly sweet taste, but with a smooth, creamy texture. It is low in sugar, contains 88 calories per serving and is an all-natural, nut-free alternative to peanut butter. For additional Biscoff Spread recipes, including festive chocolate truffles, tiramisu and more, visit www.biscoff.com.

*Biscoff Spread is available in 14-ounce (400 gram) jars at www.biscoff.com or through ­retailers nationwide.