Perfect presents for pets

Pets are like members of the family for many owners. That means they’re on the list for holiday gifts as well. Some crucial factors need to be considered before purchasing such gifts. This applies even more if you’re planning on giving a pet as a gift.

Homemade gifts hold special meaning


As gift-giving has reached epic proportions, the cost of spending has spiraled out of control. This year, try something different and more poignant by taking the time to make something homemade. From cookies to cards, creative options abound.

Holiday feasts in Chicago’s south suburbs


A big part of celebrating the holidays is good food and drink. Several restaurants and banquet facilities in Chicago’s south suburbs will be supplying all of that plus entertainment for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Personalize a gift to make it special

Ideally, a gift should have real meaning to make it special for the receiver. A great way to do so is to personalize the gift with engravings or photos.

Items to envy at a gift swap

Though swapping gifts that may not be right for you is part of a “white elephant” exchange, gift shops in the south suburbs offer many items that would be considered keepers at such gift swaps.

Clothing gift ideas for men

Men are simpler than women. Especially in what they wear. That’s why shopping for a man can be a troubling task. Two local apparel shops have some ideas that may help.