Sears aims to be your one-stop hometown appliance showroom



Location: 1578 Douglas Road, Oswego

Phone: (630) 554-7010


Sears is now your local home appliance showroom.

Located at 2578 Douglas Road in Oswego, the Sears Home Appliance Showroom offers something you don’t find at big-box stores: the smell of fresh baked cookies. Just a like a friendly neighbor, the showroom offers you a choice of fresh coffee, water or other refreshments while you walk around the store.

The showroom offers a special children’s area that keeps children occupied with coloring books and children’s videos. Kids can even get a juice box if it’s OK with Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad can then focus on their shopping experience.

Here at your local showroom, experienced staff will help you find what you are looking for and will work hard to save you the most money. The staff members know the competition so you don’t have to shop from store to store.

You can meet Eddie Zajac, the store manager, and his friendly staff. Talk with Martha, Chuck, David and Mark. All of them are experienced appliance professionals.

They can show you the newest technologies: convection cooking, the quietest dishwashers, and largest capacity washers and dryers. Sears carries the top 10 brands (no one else can say that) all at the best prices guaranteed.

The showroom also stocks most water replacement filters for all brands of refrigerators. If it’s not available, the store will ship it to your house for free.

In addition, you can make Sears and Discover card payments at the Sears Home Showroom. You can even do your Sears shopping at the Customer Experience Center and get your purchases shipped to your house. Shipping is free as long as your purchase is less than 150 pounds.

Parking is available right near the door. There is no hunting for parking or long walks through the mall.

Sears has made it simple to stay local and keep your taxes local, too. They take care of you from start to finish.

If time is a problem, you can make a before- or after-hours appointment. Just contact the showroom and they will be glad to accommodate you.

Call the showroom at (630) 554-7010 or send email to

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