Tillers’ vision therapy program assists in recovery


The Tillers

Location: 4390 Route 71, Oswego

Phone: (630) 554-1001

Website: www.thetillers.com

The Tillers Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is leading the industry with its newly added Vision Therapy Program. Vision therapy is not a new concept, but it is very unique to the skilled nursing and rehabilitation setting and Tillers is the only facility in the area to offer this service to its residents.

Vision therapy works with residents that may have neurological disorders or trauma to the nervous system such as head injuries from a fall or stroke, and are experiencing a change or loss in their vision. Vision therapy trains the entire visual system which includes eyes, brain and body. The goal of vision therapy is to improve visual fields, not just to compensate. Therapy sessions include methods to retrain the brain’s ability to control eye teamwork, or binocularity, as well as the use of optical devices such as prisms or therapeutic lenses.

Dr. David Martin, O.D. oversees the Vision Therapy Program at The Tillers. Dr. Martin graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry and received additional training in Vision Therapy and Vision Development at the Kansas Vision Development Center, the largest vision development center in the state of Kansas.

Dr. Martin works in conjunction with two occupational therapists at The Tillers, Beverly Menniger and Kelly Frystak. Beverly and Kelly have specialized in vision therapy for eight years and provide consulting and education to support groups and families in the local area. According to Kelly, “When we are working with a resident, we are looking at the eyes because vision affects balance, activities of daily living, and can tell a lot about the way they are moving. Adding vision therapy to The Tillers has huge implications for improving rehabilitation potential in our residents. Our vision is our dominant sense and guides every move we make. When the vision is addressed sooner in the process, there is an increased ability for each resident to improve mobility, self care, and rehab faster.”

Although the program is newly added to The Tillers Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, they have already seen results and success in the patients that have been followed by Dr. Martin and worked closely with Kelly and Beverly.

To learn more about the Vision Therapy Program at The Tillers Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Oswego, and how they can meet your rehabilitation needs, visit the website at www.thetillers.com or follow them on Facebook. The Tillers Nursing and Rehabilitation is located at 4390 Route 71, next to Oswego High School.

— Provided by The Tillers Nursing and Rehabilitation Center