The time to choose a senior community is now



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Just when is it time to move to a long-term senior living community? Most people think, never!

However, living alone or one spouse trying to provide care for the other is often unsafe.

Seniors with physical or mental/emotional limitations, often have difficulty performing even the most ordinary care for self, spouse and home. This places them at risk for illness or injury.

At Sunnymere, our staff does the cleaning, laundry, cooking (and the cleaning up afterward). Sunnymere can “take care of the caregiver,” while the caregiver/spouse is able to receive the assistance needed for their loved one and themselves.

As the daughter of a resident stated, “Someone else does the ‘dirty work’; the day-to-day caregiving ‘chores.’ This allows me to enjoy the time I have with my dad.” Time spent with loved ones in a long-term care community can be, as it should be: carefree and “fun,” not stressful.

Living in a senior community also means there are others to socialize with, play cards, exercise (we all need a bit of incentive to “get up and get moving” at any age), and just relax and have fun with. There is a sense of security when living with others. You are not alone.

Contact Sunnymere at (630) 898-7844. Our all-inclusive rates are affordable. Visit our website at “Like” us on Facebook. We invite you to visit our charming community and see what we have to offer.

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